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When the spring and summer begin to roll in and those temperatures inevitably rise, the bee swarms may begin to travel through your region. Bees traveling in swarms can quickly become nuisances to home and business owners for a large variety of reasons. For those who are seriously allergic to them, bee swarms can present an entire new, serious set of often, deadly, issues. Many home and business owners have attempted to practice some of the common remedies for getting rid of bees on their properties. Pesticides, ground and flower treatments can present their own set of problems that can range from dangers to your health, to dangers to your landscape and its ecosystem.

A More Friendly Option

If you are looking for a more Eco-friendly option in Long Beach bee removal, you may want to consider a great company that has excellent Eco-practices. Not only does Green Bee Removal practice live removal options, but they have also created an incredible system for returning the trapped bees back to the vital processes they were trying to carry out on your private or business property and in a safe place that will prevent their return. Local beekeepers.

Green Bee Removal offers Orange County bee removal for a variety of types of infestations.

Bee Hives / Bee Colony’s

Bee Swarms

Wasp Nests

Mud Dauber Nests

Green Bee Removal can handle the repair of your structures if the bee infestations caused damage to your home or business. They are experts in the reconstruction of stucco and brick chimneys. They have experience with block, siding, stucco and dry walls as well as roofs. Their experienced construction technicians can even fix up any sheds that have taken damage from the bee swarms or nests. Green Bee Removal is happy to service your commercial, residential, schools, Parks and Recreation centers and construction sites in addition to providing free estimates and services that come with an amazing written warranty that protects you, your home or your business.

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Bee Swarm or Nests Tips

While Green Bee Removal’s Santa Monica bee removal services are quick, you should still keep in mind a few helpful tips and tricks for what to do once you locate them.

Do not panic – This may be easier said than done but understand that some swarms, while they may look impressive, can be entirely passive. While there are others, who may go unseen, such as the underground yellow jackets, that require little more than you walking across their nest to go into aggressive mode. If you come across a swarm or nest unexpectedly, do not scream or begin to flail your arms, even if they are quite near. This will only stir up the air around them and increase their chances of agitation. It is best if you stop immediately, and begin to slowly back away, quietly. In the event you are stung by one or more bees unfamiliar to you, it may be best to visit a doctor or utilize your bee sting kit right away, before any reactions have the time to set in.

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