The Truth About Lime Green Bathroom Accessories

Lime Green Bathroom Accessories – The bathroom can be seen as a sacred refuge. A bathroom in this sense is the enclosure reserved for taking showers and baths only, excluding toilets. A designer bathroom is achieved when all components, whether strikingly large or minute are synchronized in terms of color, positioning and material. The bathroom will stand out even further with a theme. Popular themes are Mediterranean, French, modern,vintage, beach, country and traditional.

Luxury Lime Green Bathroom Accessories

Luxury Lime Green Bathroom Accessories

1. Walls

Depending on your personality, the color on the walls could be bright or dark. For free spirits, bright colors like golden brown/ivory travertine are appropriate. The walls could also be painted in lime green or orange. Brilliant white however, stands out.

For more reserved and introverted personalities, black tile does the magic. It is sleek, classy and sophisticated.

2. Bathtub

Bathtubs made out of stone are the ultimate mark of luxury. For an out of world experience, underwater speakers can be built into the tub during construction/renovation. The tub itself, like a shower can be enclosed with curtains or a canopy whose color matches the coloring of floors and walls.

3. Showers

Overhead showers are ideal for a constants spray of warm water for a relaxing shower/ they can be fixed directly overhead or on the wall with the showerhead angled appropriately. The shower looks better enclosed in frosted or clear unbreakable glass.

4. Lighting

The American Lighting Association lists three types of lighting: Accent, Task andAmbient (General) lighting. Ambient lighting illuminates the room with minimal glare. It involves chandeliers and beautiful light fixtures to add sparkle to the room. Accent lighting highlights art like painting in the bathroom. Picture lights are used in this case. Task lighting is best place at the side of the mirror, instead of on top, since it is under this light where you will see yourself best. Mellow light is recommended. Decorative lighting, listed by Houzz, incorporate candles which add a touch of romance. Organic candles which are non-carcinogenic, are recommended. Remote controlled candles are an even better choice to reduce the risk of fires.

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Aside from artificial light, natural light does wonders to a room, so clear panes on the upper side of the room for privacy should be included.

5. Wall Art

The look and feel of the entire bathroom will be made complete by wall art or professional paintings, highlighted by accent lights. The framing should be in sync with the walls and floors.

6. Flooring

For ultimate comfort, heater pipes should be placed on the floor since stone like marble can get very cold. The floors must always be high gloss.

7. Other Accessories

These include vanity mirrors with vintage frames add a touch of class, tiled sinks, stainless steel faucets, heated towel railings, cabinets, bathroom hooks, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and mats that are imperviable to water.

8. Jacuzzi

A whirlpool bathtub can be added for medical purposes, like massaging painful limbs and backs, or for ultra-relaxation. This allows you to have a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home

Another feature to consider would be to have piped music in your entire home, including the bathroom so that as you take that relaxing dip, some fluid jazz or slow jams massage your senses at the same time!

Designer bathrooms are so named for their uniqueness/oddness and incorporation of excellent quality material. It could be one element in the room, or the combination and placing of accessories and vital structures. Being so, it is an individual’s creativity that can create a designer bathroom. The above tips are simply frameworks to build on. Happy Designing!