All You Need To Know About Seafoam Green Bathroom

Seafoam Green Bathroom – It used to be that bathrooms were rather neglected spaces when it came to decorating and choosing colors; unappealing shades of pink or blue were often combined with harsh white, leaving this much used room short on ambiance. But the current trend in bathroom decor is toward brighter colors and updated style; you’ll find color trends that are popular elsewhere in the home, such as brown paired with blue or black. Classic black and white, all white, and sea-inspired palettes are ever popular, as are soothing spa colors.

Amazing Seafoam Green Bathroom

Amazing Seafoam Green Bathroom

Accents Bright and Bold

Bolder, brighter colors that are popular interior choices are finding their way to the bathroom. Choose from rich shades like burgundy, sunny cheerful yellow or lively teal for walls that energize. If you prefer bright accents in a neutral space, a backdrop of monochromatic gray with colorful accents will make the bathroom as contemporary as your living room.

Seaside Inspirations

There’s nothing new in the fact that bathroom colors may be inspired by the refreshing blues and greens of the ocean or a deep reflecting pool. What is new, however, is the shades chosen and how they are used. Bright turquoise blue, cool seafoam green and rich deep shades of violet are used individually or in combination in ceramic or glass tile, wall colors, wall art, towels and accessories or wall color.

Brown and Blue

Brown and blue continues to be a popular combination: The cooling soothing appeal of blue is balanced with the grounding warmth of brown. The combination can be used on wall – paint one wall brown and the others blue or mix patterned tiles on the floor, backsplash, shower stall or walls. Brown cabinetry with a blue glass tile backsplash lends sophistication. Trends in brown are moving toward light shades like caramel and cinnamon versus chocolate.

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Blue and White

A crisp, classic palette, blue and white carries the shipshape nautical appeal of boats bobbing in the harbor under clear sunny skies. Cabana stripes in blue and white, blue and white tiles, or soft beach glass shades of blue mixed with white and sand are popular soothing color combinations.

Neutral Ground

Neutrals never go out of style because it’s easy to transform the look of the bathroom whenever you want simply by changing accents. Shades of gray, tan and brown can provide a natural textural backdrop for the entire space: Choose slate, stone and river rock for flooring, showers, and backsplashes. Mix textures within the same color to create a varied interesting look then accent however you wish.

Soft White

The harsh stark white of the past has been replaced with softer, more appealing shades like eggshell and whipped cream. Choose layers of subtly different whites for a white on white bathroom full of elegance and panache.

Black and White

A classic color combination, pairing black with white is always in good taste. Contemporary bathrooms are using this pairing in marble counter tops of white with black veining, or bold black and white polka dots, strips and geometric designs on walls and in fabrics. Black and white sets the perfect setting for white bathroom fixtures and sleek chrome faucets, hardware and towel racks. For a punch of color in your accents, choose trendy modern hues like amethyst or scarlet.