Vinyl Siding – An Overview

Siding is a very important part of house-remodeling. It is capable of giving an entire house a new and enhanced look. Talking of siding, vinyl siding is one of the most popular type that is used by home owners. It is very helpful in extending the life of exterior walls of a house without having to paint it all.

Vinyl siding has been in practice since 1950s. It has undergone a thorough evolution since then. Now, we get beautiful color, design and pattern choices in vinyl siding. Vinyl is basically an engineered product that is made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resin. The material requires low maintenance and is used for exterior construction purposes. As compared to wood sidings, vinyl sidings are last-longing, and can be used as a substitute of aluminum and fiber sidings.

There are several benefits of incorporating vinyl sidings. Some of them have been explained as follows:


Vinyl material is extremely durable when compared to the other types of siding materials. It hardly shows any scratch marks, does not dent, rot or peel off, does not need any painting. One of the most striking feature of vinyl siding is that is it does not get affected by snows, cold or rain.


Vinyl siding is the least expensive of all the siding materials that are currently available in the market. its demand increases day by day and you can even get striking discounts.

Low maintenance

Vinyl material does not need any special maintenance process. A yearly wash with a garden hose is more than enough to have it shining throughout the year. At times, a re-caulking process may be needed too.

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There are many more advantages of choosing vinyl over the other types of siding materials. Some of them are –

Board & Batten – This type of siding resembles the look of real wood. Usually 8-inch planks are used, vertically. These planks are generally 1 inch wider than most of the other types. This type of vinyl siding may be used for covering the whole house.

Seamless – This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a strong insulating material. It is fire-resistant and pest-repellent.

Liquid – This is an eco-friendly type of siding that generally does not release any hazardous toxins. This type is well known for its unique way of reflecting light.

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